Chamber Music

Pictured left to right: George Lewis, Dom Refuerzo, and Loretta Notareschi

Note from the composer:

What I love most about chamber music is its undeniable vulnerability. Whereas ensemble pieces shine in their collectivity, chamber pieces shine in their barrenness. In these pieces, you can hear a weaving between congruity and discord, swelling and solitude.

I have had the pleasure of working with really amazing instrumentalists and vocalists. Some of them couldn't fit into the character limit allowed for credited artists, so they are credited below.

  • On the Beach at Night Alone, mvt. I — Nick Main (baritone), Holly Workman (violin), Benjamin Richardson (cello), David Friend (piano)
  • Harlem — Aliyah Auerbach (mezzo), Patricia Dinkins-Matthews (piano)
  • epilogue  — Jess Ferguson (soprano I), Sara Grace Carmical (soprano II), Aliyah Auerbach (alto I), Sophia Bereaud (alto II), Ben Wang (tenor I), Fred Thompson (tenor II), Charm Cochran (bass I), Samuel Hulsey (bass II)
  • Mayakovsky, mvt. I  — Jess Ferguson (soprano), Sophia Bereaud (alto), Ben Wang (tenor), Charm Cochran (bass)

— Dom